Monday, March 10, 2014

Scented man? Nope, scented woman!

Okay, if you watched the season finale of True Detective last night (and if you haven't watched this on HBO, what are you waiting for? ) there is a scene when Mathew Mcconaughey's character Rust waxes philosophical about the sentient man. Woody Harrelson's character, Marty, is like, "scented man? WTF." Sorry, that was all I could think about when I was taking blast this morning. As I sweat through the class and I sweat through my clothes, I was not smelling pretty. Get it? Haha! Anyway, it is a great show and both actors should definitely get Emmy nominations. Mathew had ME in tears at the end.

I did suffer through blast. The clock during my class was stuck at 10, although I didn't know that. I kept thinking that I would not be able to finish the class if there were 15 more minutes left. Phew. I am looking forward to some new tracks because I am sick, sick, sick of fast feet. And, also let me say that this time change is just awful. These poor high school kids who actually got up at 530 today must just be sound asleep in class right now. Either that, or Dunkin donuts is mobbed.

Today I wore my Lululemon groove crops, energy bra and CRB. I am looking forward to some black camo in tonight's upload, but I know that there won't be anything left by the time I wake up.

 I had a very lazy weekend and really wasn't feeling any oomph. I did realize that I am not hungry when I don't exercise. Lots of oatmeal, salad, fruit and coffee. But, it is a new week and I have a teenage daughter who must be fed. Ugh. Tonight's dinner is coconut chicken with an apricot/mustard dipping sauce with roasted broccoli. Yum! I think the rest of the week will be southwestern egg rolls, sweet and sour chicken and a leftovers meal, since I am going to sub one day and know I won't be able to cook that night.  It is all in the planning baby! Must go shower. I can't stand to smell myself anymore! Have a great morning!