Monday, March 17, 2014

Lululemon to work

Favorite thing to wear to work? Lululemon studio pants and a gap vee neck tee shirt. I look like I am ready for summer, but the rooms that I teach in are hot and cold, so I also wear a lululemon hoodie. I'm so comfortable and it is almost like being in pajamas. I don't even mind that these pants are extremely long, I just tie them and tuck them. I love the pockets and I love the fabric. BTW, my waistband rolls and it drives me nutso, but I don't care.

I didn't get a whole lot of exercising last week. In fact, there was almost none, which is unusual for me. The good thing, though, is I also didn't do a lot of eating. I don't know, I just wasn't hungry and that IS unusual. But, that was last week and this is a new week, so today I went to spin and it was very, very hard. I was wiped before I even got there because my phone rang this morning way too early.  I was unconscious so after my heart started beating again, I was up for the day. I think I made a lot of sense on the phone, since I am going to sub today for a few hours. First, I must recover from spin. It was a fast ride, which is so hard for me to hold. 100 RPMs is like nails on a chalkboard to me. I much rather sit my butt down and pedal at a high gear. Oh well. It's all good.

I can't believe there are two episodes of Walking Dead left. Psycho Lizzie! I think I was a little stressed after watching that episode and I could not settle down to go to sleep. Anyway, off to make banana bread protein pancakes. I am still using that damn immersion blender, but it gets unplugged before I do anything. My finger is still healing and half the nail is gone. It is pretty gross! And on that happy note...

Have a fun afternoon.