Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Lululemon upload 4/1

I love it and I bought everything uploaded- especially the bikinis. April fools.

It seemed like a small upload to me and there really wan't anything that I absolutely had to have. I'm disappointed about the forthright 1/2 zip not showing up again in springy colors or any colors for that matter. I love the CRB in antidote, but I have that bra (wore it today, as a matter of fact), the black camo CRB got returned so I am pretty sure the same print in a No Limits Tank will be much of the same, and I am sick, sick, sick of granite, I mean petite fleur silver spoon. The secret garden floral print looks a little like my grandmother's old sofa, but it would be nice in a bra, poking out with all black. So yeah, easy pass. My wallet is happy since it is taxes time!

Today I had absolutely no stamina/strength. The weights we used were super heavy, so I really struggled. Plus, we had a 20 lb sandbag on our back and walked down the steps and ran up them four times. I was wiped. I wore an old Lululemon tank. I don't know the name of it, but it is perfect because it has a tie at the bottom, is long and covers my butt, is a little bit baggy, is cut very well, and is nice and lightweight. It is probably one of the first things I bought at Lululemon many, many years ago. I also wore my energy bra and groove crops.