Friday, February 28, 2014

I found another kale recipe!

Okay, I have already made this twice. That's how yummy it is. I might end up being a kale convert after all. Go me.

While I was in Florida, I ate at Pinon Grill at the Town Center, and had the most delicious trout and for a side, I must have had a crazy moment, because I ordered a kale salad.  I was completely stuffed, but managed to finish every bite. Their salad was a little spicier than the recipe I am going to tell you about, and the kale was chiffon-aded. I don't know the past tense of that word, but it is when you roll the green and then cut it to slice it very thin. This is often done with basil. Do you know what I mean? I didn't do this for my recipe, and it was fine.

I found it on a website that has the best name ever. Anyway, this is the link for garlicky kale parmesan and panko salad.

This is not the most inspiring photo, but the pictures on the website will certainly make you drool! The only two things that I changed, was I used pecorino romano, because that is what I had and I think it so much better than regular parmesan, and I didn't toast the panko.

My only complaint is this: 

I felt like I used an awful lot of dishes. Do you like my zebra print purple dish gloves? To prevent  this, I plan to make the salad dressing when I have time and just store it in my fridge. We will see if that works. It was so good, I could imagine putting it on lots of different salads. So there you have it!

So tell me what is your favorite kale recipe?

By the way, did anyone see The Tonite Show with Jimmy Fallon and his misheard lyrics? Oh did that make me laugh! If you need a good giggle, I'm sure it is on youtube.