Monday, February 3, 2014

Super Bowl? Super snooze!

Maybe it is because my Patriots and Tom Brady were not in this Superbowl, but I thought it was a little boring. The commercials were okay and Bruno Mars was okay, but the Red Hot  Chili Peppers got ONE song? What? The half time show certainly did not blow me away. Neither did the game, except to see how badly the Broncos got burned. I am so glad the Seahawks won!

I haven't posted pictures since...January? How did it get to be my February photo stream already? Anyway, here is my Lululemon Power Y in black and groove crops. This Power Y is one of my favorites for spin, since it is easy to get off when I am a sweaty mess. Like today. The idea behind today's cycle class was "to hold it a little longer." Hello? I am just about at my "little longer." But it is true, I used to be able to do 30 seconds and lately it has been 45. Yup, those extra 15 seconds of push are killer, but "that is when the change happens." I am just full of quotes today.

Ha ha. No sucking in the belly for these selfies. How I wish! But that wouldn't be honest. 

I had a massage on Saturday and of course my shoulders are up to my ears and all the stress is held in my neck and shoulders. The woman giving the massage immediately knew that I was lifting weights over my head (shoulder press). She could feel the tension. I know massages are one of those luxuries, but with the amount of exercising I do, I find that it really helps me. Plus, it is just awesome pampering. I am by no means training like an Olympian, but wow, did I feel a whole lot better after. I had a Groupon and it was pretty inexpensive. Rather than another pair of shoes (oh, who am I kidding?) this was a great way to spend some money and an afternoon. Except, I was practically in a coma that afternoon. 

I made it to Lululemon yesterday to try on the Every Yogi Tee. I didn't love it on me. Yes, the material is supersoft, but somewhat thing, and for me, that just accented bulges. Plus, the arms were tight. Realistically, I don't think I would ever exercise in a short sleeve shirt, so I am not sure what I was thinking. I am hoping for a great upload tonight! 

The forecast for the week is not making me happy. It is snowing now, although that shouldn't accumulate to much for me. But Wednesday is supposed to be a big storm and maybe the weekend. Doesn't mother nature know I need to go to yoga on Wednesday? 

Time to vacuum the downstairs. I think I will just do a quick google search to see how many calories that burns. 30 minutes equals about 90 calories. Why isn't my house cleaner? Must go clean!