Thursday, February 6, 2014!

I have to laugh! When I look back at all of my 2013 posts (I was much thinner then. Yikes), the scam text about is by far the most popular. I guess that means that EVERYONE is getting this silly text! That makes me feel slightly better.

After getting a foot of snow yesterday and watching too much HGTV and Modern Family, I was all set to go to tabata and get off my lazy butt. Unfortunately, I have to go sub at work, so I will get my exercise that way. Luckily, I made some overnight oats and will bring that in for lunch. That means Group Power on Friday and then the step mill. There, I said it and I have to do it.

I got a few samples of YSL Liberator youth serum and eye zone and I really like it. I just finished using them and I was going to provide a review, but I looked at the price and I think I fell off my chair for a moment. The night creme is $170 and the eye serum is $120. End of discussion. Too bad, because they were both lovely, but I can't justify those prices at all. I am still loving my Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation. Really loving! I bought the Armani waterproof eyeliner in brown and it stays on my bottom lid all day. The upper lid, not so much, but I have to do a little more experimenting with it.

Off to have my yummy breakfast: oatmeal, blackberries and hemp hearts. I guess it will be a big oatmeal day. Have a great day!