Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Lululemon upload 2/18

Not a lot to ooh and ahh over, in my humble opinion. I am not hitting enter on anything and I am not rushing out to the store by any means (plus, another 4-8 inches is coming my way today, so again, I'm not going anywhere). I truly don't need anything (although when did that mean anything?) and I am so unhappy with the way I look in what I do have, I can't justify buying anything, unless it is going to hide my middle.

So, this is what jumped out at me:

Scuba Hoodie II. This has 8 reviews and it has 5 stars. Wow. Is that a switch or what? I wish that the chakra hoodie was available. Do I wait for that to come back or break down and buy one of these? Does anyone know if, or even when, those are slated to come back?

Floral Platoon. Am I showing my age when I say this is too busy for me? I'm not even sure I could do a tank in that pattern. Great accent fabric for a waistband, which I'm sure it will be eventually. Or a Bangbuster.  Hats off to anyone who can wear this.

Heathered cadet blue swiftly tech racerback. I do love this color! If only....it didn't show my bulges. 

That's it! Did I miss anything? What did you get?

I had a great spin class yesterday. It really is amazing how your body gets used to an exercise, though. So important to change things up. Yesterday, in order to change things up, my spin instructor went for 1 1/2 hours. I left after an hour, as did a quarter of the class. These are my reasons and only two count. Can you guess which one should not mean anything? I sound like a Cosmo quiz, don't I?

A) I had too many things to do, you know, with this impending snowstorm. 

B) I gave it 110% for one hour and as it was, I sat on the sofa for two hours, unable to move, and watched Walking Dead and Downton Abbey. 

C) I really don't think I can sit on that bike seat for that long. Ouch. Or maybe, not ouch because everything is numb? 

The correct answer is.... ding ding ding.... A! That extra half hour was what percentage of my day? That is a pathetic excuse. Good thing I had B and C so I can rationalize it away. 

Today's group training is canceled because of the snow, so I am going to do some stuff on my own in my house, which is so hard for me. I am so impressed with anyone who can just go into the basement or spare room or wherever and break a sweat. I have all the stuff. I'm not sure what my mental problem is. Any advice? Besides just do it. Which is what I will have to do in a little bit anyway.