Monday, February 10, 2014

What's a girl to do?!

Another day of not getting to the gym... what a week!  But that is what happens sometimes and in order to make sure that this is not a setback, I am just eating very clean. I can't beat myself up over it because as much as my health is a priority, occasionally life gets in the way. Right? Right! I often find that if I don't exercise, I am not hungry, so eating well isn't that difficult.

And this is extra funny to me because I just vacuumed downstairs and mopped the floors. Monday's chores. Sigh. Tuesday's aren't much better.

Some of the things I am eating today are:

Breakfast: oatmeal, hemp seeds and lots of blueberries. Oh and coffee of course.

Snack: a pear (before it is complete mush. I swear, I just bought it) and some banana bread protein pancakes that I found on This is the link for the recipe~ I made three small ones and already ate one before I remembered to take a photo! 

Lunch: undecided yet. I am having a tuna melt craving, and that is just weird. And coffee.

Snack: quinoa cake, an apple and greek yogurt. This is the time of the day that I become RAVENOUS. So I usually end up eating a lot now so I can make it to dinner. But, since I am not exercising today, I'll have to see if I really am that hungry. 

Dinner: southwestern egg rolls. I know I have mentioned many times how awesome these are.  Of course, deep fried like Chilis are a little bit better, but this makes my mouth water. The trick will be not to nibble on these all day, since I just finished cooking them.

After I visited my son in New Orleans in October, I ran out and bought this Jo Malone diffuser. For about a month, my house smelled like roses and every time we walked into the kitchen, I think we gave a little sigh. I remember thinking that it was well worth the small fortune. Fast forward four months later,  and while there is still some oil in the diffuser, I must say that it stopped smelling probably two months ago. I am so disappointed! I have tried reversing the sticks, and that helped for a few days, but lately, nothing. I don't want to throw it out, but I think it is pretty decorative at this point. Any suggestions for how to get my scent back? And it was hands down the best scent ever. 

This is resting on an antique bread board and an old, old, old Ouija board, from 1917, I think. 

Did you watch Walking Dead last night? WOW. I just want to kick Carl. Most ungrateful child ever. He was always going off and to bring up Shane? Not sharing the pudding! That is just too awful to consider. And to see Michonne vulnerable? I guess those two zombies that were with her in the beginning were the two men in her dream/home. Great episode! Missing Darryl, though. So glad that this is back on TV. 

Have a great day!