Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Lululemon upload 2/11 YAY

Lots of temptation this morning! And I was being so good....Here is what really caught my eye.

Mountain tank. Could be awful but could be just what I need, since it isn't form fitting around the waist. It is vitasea and interesting enough that it might work. Definitely needs trying on.

Om for all bag. It is bigger than the Sweat once a day bag, and if it comes in a fabulous pattern, I am all over it. Otherwise, I will continue to stick with my old, old Lululemon bag. I must take a picture of it so you know what I am talking about! The standard is very high.

Forthright 1/2 zip. Really cute and looks great. Not sure I love this color/pattern, but I might break down and get the black.

Chakra scuba. Is it worth an extra $20? It just might be. I never say that! The other colors/prints were a little busy for me, but this is just understated enough that I could do it. Really love it and so glad this is the scuba II.

Scuba II. Finally. I hope Lululemon is finally understanding that sometimes it is okay to tweak a style and sometimes the tweak doesn't work. It is a costly mistake to make. I love this anecdote color! My only complaint about scubas, and this is not a problem for most people, is that they are so heavy and thick, I can't always wear them under a coat, and for about 5 months of the year, here, that is what I have to do. Really loving this.

I do NOT love the wee are from space vintage pink. Maybe it looks better in person, but to me it looks almost dirty, and I know that isn't right. By all rights, the Tuck me in Tank should be perfect for me- not tight around the middle (sense a theme here?)- but something about the way it cuts across the bra in the front is bothering me. Maybe too much bra in the front?  I'm not sure, but I am good with my NLT. Anyway, lots of goodies today. Maybe my stock will start to go up?