Friday, February 28, 2014

hello again!

It has been so long! I have been vacationing in sunny Florida and didn't want to announce to the whole world that I would be away. So I am back with the polar vortex and another impending snowstorm and it feels like I never left. I had some posts ready to go and have no idea why they didn't publish. Whatever. See, I am still on vacation time1

I finally made it to the gym today. I did exercise a lot while I was a way, but I must say, I do much better in a group class with peer pressure and having someone push you along. I thought I was going to have to leave Group Blast today. First, my feet were killing me. I don't know what was going on with my arches but all those quick feet were really hurting me. I"m not sure what was going on. If only that took my mind off the fact that I was absolutely huffing and puffing. Overall, it was pretty awful. I can only imagine how tabata is going to be tomorrow. Whine whine whine. If only wine wine wine.

I wore my Lululemon groove pants (yeah, it was 5 when I left), energy bra and black CRB. Look at all those summer shoes in the background. If only!

I absolutely love the black camo print and I need Lululemon to put it on a top and not just a bottom because I think the print might be too busy for my legs, but I would be all over a top. Here me Lululemon?I haven't been in a store and I haven't bought anything in so long. I've got my fingers crossed. Anyway, I must go eat my coconut greek yogurt before I fall down. More later!