Sunday, February 9, 2014

Lululemon Tame Me Tank

I have such mixed feelings about this tank. Sometimes I think it is very maternity looking and sometimes I think it lays just right. Regardless, it is fine for right now as I still whittle that middle. Which seems to be an endless process. Endless struggle. Endless insert curse word right now. I am also wearing my energy bra that I know is cut too small. I think it might have to go because it is  crushing me. I'm so, so mad about this. I am not assuming anything anymore when it comes to Lululemon sizing, which is ridiculous. It has been a while since I have bought something new at Lululemon and I am hoping for a good upload this week. I don't really need anything, which is part of the problem. I also am being extremely selective in colors and patterns since I feel as big as a house right now. I know, I know, you have heard this rant before. Okay, I am better now! 

It felt great to exercise after 4 days of rest. I think my knee even felt a little better, but I probably just set myself back since I went to blast this morning. Overall, I am enjoying it, except for that fast feet business in the last track. Too much stuff jiggles when I do that and my feet start to hurt. I also don't love the core part, with the bench on an incline. I am okay with it, except for the bicycle, that bothers my back. Otherwise, lots of fun. OH listen to me, whine, whine, whine. 

There is so much good tv on tonight! Walking Dead returns! There is also Downton Abbey and a Beatles special. I am also watching True Detective. I guess Olympics, too? That is what a DVR is for! 

Time for a coconut greek yogurt and banana. This is pretty much my after workout snack. What is your go to snack? I like the fact that it isn't even 10 am and I am done with exercise. Although I think I have to go through some tax things this morning and that is going to be an exercise!