Thursday, February 13, 2014

Oh Lululemon- not again!

Where is the quality control? How do these things keep happening? I can't think of another company that has this many issues with product over and over again. I think it is a good thing that Lululemon has so many crazy (myself included) customers or this company would be in worse shape than it already is. I am beginning to understand why my Lululemon stock is in the toilet. 

So, the mystery of the missing chakra hoodies (I was dying for that grey one and was even going to my store tomorrow- snow or no snow)! Here is what they are saying on Facebook. 

We've removed the Scuba Hoodie II*Chakra from our website and stores because we noticed that we forgot to set our spellcheck to the “Sanskrit setting” for the graphic in the liner. For those who have already purchased this hoodie, rest assured our Chakra grammar doesn't affect the function of this garment.

Oh good lord. Really? 

Anyway, another snow day here. Although it seems like a zillion at this point, it is only the 3rd. I'm not sure if I can get to tabata (or even if I want to). If I get to tabata can I get home? Can I shovel my drive or will I be too tired? My only issue with snow days is that I sleep maybe about 5 minutes, since I am busy checking for cancellations. I remember the days where they would list all the schools on the radio or on TV and if you missed yours, you were waiting and waiting forever. Now I can check my phone. So easy! But still, too tired for tabata?  Because this winter is never ending, I should change the name of this blog to Too snowy for tabata? 

I am really enjoying that banana bread protein pancake. It is quite filling and very tasty. In fact, I am going to eat one in about 5 minutes. Yesterday I cooked up another batch of quinoa cakes, and I have one each afternoon and it keeps me somewhat full. The afternoon is definitely my witching hour, when hunger kicks in, so having some ready made snacks is essential for me. 

I did buy a new pair of sneakers which I am very eager to try out. Full report later!