Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My spin uniform

You have all seen it before. Today I have on a Lululemon Power Y tank in black and wunder under crops in black and a random color Bangbuster. All of this is easy on and easy off, especially when I am dripping sweat and clothes are stuck to me. Although, since it is -1 right now, maybe the spin room won't get too hot. Good thing the lights are down very low in this room because I feel pretty naked walking around like this.

I love my Tuesdays with a small group and a trainer. I get pushed in ways that I can't push myself. As a result, I have very sore legs today. I had extra weight put on the leg press and I think that did the trick. I should never answer the question, "So how is the weight?" with a "fine." So, I am going to do my best at spin today knowing my legs are already fatigued. But, "with intent," I am going to try to kill it because I think tomorrow we will all be snowed in again. AGAIN! Are those two statements contradictory? Yes. I must get my head in the right mental place. I think breakfast is going to be... the banana bread pancake that I found on the other day and posted here. Not oatmeal. I hope you aren't falling out of your chair reading this! 

Now, on another note...Lululemon you are killiing me! I read on another blog that the Chakra hoodies were repriced in the stores ( I did say that twenty extra bucks for extra stitching is a bit much). I just went online and where are they? Pulled? How many items per upload end up getting pulled? I find it hard to believe that these all got sold out!? Get it together! I was hoping to get to the store tomorrow but will have to wait until Friday and the roads are cleared. I'll give you all a store report then.