Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Asics on

Need new running shoes? If you haven't joined yet, what are you waiting for?  I also see that Mephisto is going to be on sale next week, which are my "bedroom slippers." In fact, I have them on now, even though they are sandals. Here is a link:

I see a camouflage version of the Gel Noosa, which you all know I love!

What a day we are having and it is only 11:45! It is another snow day here and luckily we got the notification last night, so I slept until 8! It is just picture perfect out the window, as I sit with a coffee in my Bedhead pajamas. I think we already have 8-10 inches on the ground and that white stuff is still falling from the sky. Cha-ching. This is going to be an expensive storm! To make matters worse, my daughter is watching Dance Moms, and I can't even be in the same room. That woman, Abbie Lee, is a witch, and the moms are just crazy. Lots of mama drama. I know a lot of it is because it is for television, but I feel for those kids, who look like deer in the headlights. I am making baked brie for lunch for my daughter, and I bought camembert instead of brie. Oops. Is it going to work? I am having leftover broccoli and chicken stir fry that is so good, I am eating it cold. I started watching True Detective on HBO. I'm a little confused, but I think that is because I am playing candycrush. Oh this level! Must go get the brie/camembert out of the oven and not let on that I messed up. Sorry for the rambling, this winter is making me daffy.