Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Why I haven't bought a Lululemon bag in years

And it isn't what you think!

I have one that I think I bought almost 8 years ago (I'm guessing, but it feels like forever) and I love it. I love the straps and the handles. I love all the pockets. I love the pattern. I love the fun sayings. I love all the little details, like a Lululemon emblem thingie on some of the circles and on the silver buckles. I love the water bottle holder pocket (although giant Camelbacks don't fit). I love the size...although I could go bigger. I just love it. So without further ado, here is my bag.

But, I am sad to stay, that it is starting to wear. The stitching on the handles is coming apart and the inside is kindof dirty. But it is my perfect bag. And let me tell you, this bag gets tossed around and my water bottles full of Crystal light always leak out and my shoes get thrown inside. This has held up extremely well. I like the look of the Om for all bag, but need a pattern or something to make it stand out a little. 

So, I wonder, what is in your bag? You can see a little of what is in mine. Wipes for when I need to not be gross but can't get to a shower. Wraps for group kick. Gloves for lifting weights. Two sets up headphones because one always seems to be missing (daughter!), a zillion Bangbusters, a zillion lip glosses, tissues and scraps of paper or magazine cut-outs with exercises I want to do/remember. I think that is it. And there you have it!