Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I may be a little crazy-

I am wearing my NLT and I looked at the cut of the fabric across the bra and it might just be the same as the new Tuck me in Tank. I think I always go for monochromatic colors, so I never see the contrast. I guess it really is the same tank, just without the elastic waistband at the bottom. What do I know?

Today I have on my no limits tank and groove pants (still just 5 out and snow on the way). This afternoon I have a haircut appointment and cannot wait! There is something magical about having someone else wash my hair! Yes, I have a "real" style!

Today is my million errands day. Must have breakfast, go to the dump, CVS, the gym, my hair, pickup a prescription at a different pharmacy, and collapse. I bet this sounds an awful like your day!