Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I know what I said about Group Power, but

I ended up going today and all I can say is, "OUCH." We did the track with the crouch, instead of lunges, and I think I have to do that exercise on my own. Such a small movement and such a big burn. So, yeah, I have to figure out how to get this into my weekly schedule. Rather than heavy up on my squat weight, I went with my chest press weight and actively thought about just going deeper. It was very effective and I felt a lot of it in my glutes rather than quads, which is just fine for me. I look at a lot of the women in the class with heavy weights and they are barely moving. As usual, the shoulder track was impossible. I have to remember to do those exercises on my own, too. And the biceps. Yup, pretty much the whole class.

Anyway, I wore my Lululemon black will pants and purple vneck swiftly. And the scuba with holes from my puppy. Oops. That was supposed to be a "just around the house" sweatshirt. I decided to try the pants rolled up instead of all scrunchy, and I think I like this look better. I don't really love the way I look in those pants. I think I look better with a flare, which is why I gravitate to the groove pants. I think they make me look stumpy. But, the luon is thick, the waist is high, and it has pockets. Need I say more?  I had underneath my 50 rep bra, which I still love, and hope to see back in stores again one day soon.

What did you think of last night's upload? I almost ordered the 105 singlet in angel wing, but worry that it is going to be sheer. Has anyone tried it yet? I ended up with two CRBs, the ziggy in grey and the hyper stripe angel wing. I have a feeling that the angel wing will go back and I will exchange it for the black hyperstripe. I don't know what I was thinking since I usually end up wearing black anyway. When the puppy goes to sleep I will try on my loot from the weekend. I want to see how the heart opener tank and power Y in luon look on. That heart opener is so darn cozy! By the way, I'm still airing out the Mat. How long does that take? But, trying clothes on might be more than I am capable now. I've already gone on a huge walk with the dog, visited the dog park, vacuumed half the house, and taken Power. I might finish the rest of Argo and try on the clothes later.