Sunday, September 8, 2013

I should never take pictures from the back

Or the front! Yuk. But, it keeps me honest, knowing that they are "out there."
Here I am, again, in my Lululemon fast track tank, groove crops, Thor-lo socks, of course, and bangbuster. I feel like this is my uniform! I took Group Kick and then did some weights on my own, since I couldn't get the puppy, well me, really, moving for an 815 class. I think I sufficiently wore myself out, since I took a 15 minute nap today. My arms are a little tired, which is always a good thing, until I go to wash my hair and I realize how heavy they feel. Yesterday I got to Tabata, and it was the first time in 4 weeks. While the class absolutely kicked my butt, as usual, the only difference was I felt a little sore today. I think it was ten million jump squats that did the trick. It's a full week of school, so I have planned out my menus again, since it seems as if I always have to pick up or drop off someone at dinner. I think it is pesto meatloaf, baked ravioli, chicken with chipotle or jambalaya. Jambalaya might be too ambitious with the puppy into everything still. Lunch is still the chunky monkey overnight oatmeal, which I am still loving. There is such a breeze outside now that I just shut some windows. It certainly feels like fall! I hate to say it, did you notice that it is getting darker earlier. Off to watch the Womens Tennis Finals. Love the sound effects!