Saturday, September 28, 2013

Lululemon 105 Singlet and tabata

I kindof like taking pictures from the back because I raise my arms up to get a good shot and voila, no back fat. Anyway, as you know I love the 105 singlet and am waiting for more colors. That light color that just came out doesn't count. The fabric is so soft and it is drapey enough to be flattering. I found this was a size down top because otherwise you could see all of my bra from the back and I don't want to do that to the person behind me! This is actually the grey that I think is still available online. 

Just a quickie post because I have to take my daughter apple picking. Actually, she is going to drive and I am going to fret in the passenger seat. That is a workout in itself. I did tabata this morning and am ready to crash, so I am almost happy to be a passenger. We go through 10 tabatas and a warm up and cool down. That is 2 too many, because I start to slow down after about 8. But then I say to myself it is only 20 more seconds, 20 more seconds, and it sometimes works.