Monday, September 23, 2013

Another barre class and another Lululemon store trip

Where to start first? What a crazy weekend.

Lululemon was MOBBED on Sunday. As bad as the Apple store (I needed new iphone chargers as ours frayed). I picked up my groove pants and do love them, although as I said before,  the material is not as heavy and compressive as old Luon, but at this point, it is what it is. I saw a woman at the gym wearing the Heart opener tank and of course, I had to try it on, and of course, I had to come home with two (stripe and dark grey). The material is soft and buttery and reminds me of the clarity tank (which I wear out to "nice" places and refuse to sweat in it). I also picked up a power Y in LUON (not luon light) and have to try it on at home to see for real. I had told myself that I was going to stay away from tanks that have built in bras, but as you can see, no willpower whatsoever. I did break down and get The Mat, which is airing out in my son's room. Good thing he is away at college. I can't believe I just said that!

Today is my rest day, but I took my puppy for a long walk instead. It is very cold here this morning (48), and I realize that I need to dig out some earwarmers and gloves soon. I wore my Will pants in black (pockets!!), a yucky tee shirt, and my cuddle up hoodie. All was good, but my ears were cold since the wind was blowing. I tried a short run with the puppy and my left leg still was funky. It's a good thing that I have all this cold weather running clothes, because the puppy and I will be out this winter for sure. I don't think I'll be running.

I liked the barre class and am amazed at how quickly my arms burn out with light weights. As much as I love Power, I am a little sick of it and do worry about all that weight for squats. In a perfect world, I would have one day of power and one day of barre and one day with my trainer. That's a good goal, right? I wore sneakers during the barre class because I always wear my shoes with orthotics or my feet end up hurting. I did see a woman wearing fun socks that were grippy and noticed that Lululemon has socks like that. Has anyone tried it?

I must go watch Breaking Bad now. I know that I can't watch this before I go to bed because I would never fall asleep. No spoilers, please.