Friday, September 20, 2013

another barre class and a quick store report

I took another barre class with a different instructor and had so much fun. I think there was a little less ballet and more actual muscle work. We used straps, balls, weights and the barre. I have no idea if this class, or the one I took the other day, is more typical to barre, but I loved it. In fact, she burned out my shoulders with rinky dinky 3 lb weights within minutes. And my abs were shaking very quickly with the ball. All in all, it was a very quick hour and I think I got a lot out of it. Trying it again Sunday.

Just returned from the fastest ever trip to Lululemon and here is what I thought/tried on.

Bend and Flow tank- I was so short on time, one look at the straps and I just passed.

Ebb and Flow tank- I can see why everyone thinks it is so comfy and it was flattering, but just not enough support for the girls. I think I am better off sticking to tanks that can go over the bra of my choice (energy).

Scuba Angel wing- I kindof knew going in that this was going to be a problem because I really love this pattern. Since the puppy put a hole in my yellow scuba, I rationalized this away. Please don't remind my how just a few days ago I said I would never wear one. Ha.

Textured skinny will- I tried them on and they were just okay. I think they were a touch sheer and I really just wanted to see what they looked like on. I felt like I was wearing patterned tights, like Wolford. They were fun but I think basic black, dark navy or dark grey are better colors for me on the bottom. I tend to like patterns on top, as they can be distracting. My daughter would love these pants and be able to wear it.

Vinysasa scarf- ok I'm going to watch the silly youtube tutorial and see if this works for me. I have often thought that being short, it is an awful like of scarf, but I"m willing to try. Not sure where I would really wear it, though.

Ziggy racerback- I tried a size down, since that was the only one left, and it was definitely too tight. The material wasn't that buttery soft fabric that I like. That being said, if it was in a grey or black, I'd be all over it.

The whole urbanite line: just gave it a passing glance since I was in so much of a rush.

It was so cold yesterday morning, I grabbed my grey, sparkle cuddle up hoodie. Oh, now that needs to come back!

Tomorrow the smaller size ruffle up racerback comes out and then I'll decide if the length is really too long. Still hoping for 105 singlet.