Sunday, September 15, 2013

Group kick kicked my butt today

Actually, my right knee. In addition to the left hip flexor/inner thigh issue going on, my knee is sore. I now know that two tabata classes in one week is too many. Of course I can modify all the movements, but that is so hard for me. So, tomorrow if I can get moving fast enough, I'm going to take a barre class. Has anyone done one before? I just noticed a few new barre studios open in the area, and thought that since I need a rest day,  this would be the perfect time to check it out. Fingers crossed.

It is a perfect fall day and the cyclists are out in full force. And the runners. And that is not me. So frustrating! But, that is the way it is.

Tonight's dinner is a favorite: tacos. I found a recipe on pinterest, of course, for a cheesy mexican rice and it was easy and delicious. The recipe called for long grain white rice, and next time I'll use brown. When it is all thrown together, we won't even notice. This is the link

Mine didn't look quite that scrumptious, but it was good and the recipe is a keeper. Check it out.