Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Should I change the title of my blog?

Too injured to run?

I have to say, the only times I really miss running are when it is a gorgeous day and everyone is out running. Or that sense of accomplishment I get when I'm done. Or, when I see all the fun races (like zombies in New Orleans). Or, when I see great running clothes. Or, the ability to say, "I'll be back I'm going for a quick (haha) run." Or, when I drive 3 miles and say that I can run that.

But, I'm not sure the legs can handle it and there are other ways to get my fitness in without so much impact.

These are the thoughts that periodically run through my head... and now I write them down so I can see them and remember that although the first paragraph is long, the second one is the important one.

On that note, tomorrow power yoga, thursday I'm going to try Barre with a different instructor, Friday power yoga or group power, and Saturday, if I'm feeling the love, then tabata and some weights on my own. That's my plan! And I'm sticking to it!

By the way, I wore my Lululemon No limits tank and I had to do jumping jacks with the ropes. Either I need to size down or this is a tank better suited for No impact whatsoever. Be warned.