Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My two cents on the lastest Lululemon upload

Of course, by the time I wake up and get moving and get the puppy moving, items have already sold out. Lululemon shoppers are crazy! So this is my rundown of what I think and what I bought. Ready?

Bend and Flow: Looks great on the model, but that would never work for me. I need more support and those straps aren't going to do it. Although it looks pretty great in the black. I think I would have to see it in a store.

Skinny Will pants in plum and textured: Love! I have black and inkwell and would love to take the plunge on plum. Thinking about it....Although staying away from pants right now.

Modern racerback: None of these colors are doing it for me. I do really like this tank and it reminds me a bit of the 105 singlet, that I am still hoping for, but I'm able to pass on this one.

Scuba: The print looks great, assuming all the lines match up, but this hoodie is really too tight and too short for me.

Shake and bake shorts: Yes, I broke down on this pattern. Of course, I needed a winter coat last night to take the puppy out, so they will sit in my drawer until next year.

CYB: I just wish the back wasn't so low cut. The front is great looking.

Savasana softshell: The price is astounding. Yikes.

Trouser pants: Enough said

Ebb to street tank: I saw another woman wearing it in plum and it looked great on. Of course, she was the instructor. Maybe it fits better than what I think. I'd like to see it in a store and try it on.

Overall, there was nothing that I thought I had to have. That's good because my wallet is getting emptier and emptier. Maybe that just means next week with rock!