Saturday, September 14, 2013

My daughter said I need an intervention

and that I have too much Lululemon clothing. I tried to explain that I wear it every day and that some days are thin days and some days are not and that I do wear it all...well most of it, anyway. I have been selling some on Ebay to make room for new. And now she shares a lot of it to wear to dance. Oh if only we had the same size shoe. That being said, I just ordered the Cool Racerback *Ruffled Up in a size down. I really like the way it fits around the waist, but it is very long. It is good that it covers my rear, but before I cut any tags I think I need to see the smaller size. Has anyone else ordered down in this? 

I did tabata again today and now know that two days is too much high impact for my body. Oh well. Time for plan B. 

Last night for our treat night/dinner out we went to sushi and boy oh boy was it good. Certainly knowing that there is one night a week where we can eat a little less clean and have dessert keeps me going. Also, knowing that I'll be on vacation again is an added motivation, although last time my countdown fizzled out due to so many extenuating circumstances. I'm focused! Deadline in sight! Plus a birthday is coming up, so that is always depressing. And motivating. 

Have a great Saturday. It feels like fall here and all the teenage girls and wearing their Ugg boots already. Say it isn't so!