Friday, September 6, 2013

Not hot yoga

While my yoga class wasn't exactly what I was expecting, it was a lot of fun and I felt great during and after.  I have absolutely no flexibility anymore! And I don't know if I can ever get into crow. Why is that??? Help! There are two power yoga classes that are held at my gym and now that I have done both, I don't know which one I liked better. I'm not sure I can fit two into my schedule, without sacrificing major cardio/calorie burning and a second day of weights. Such decisions. What I do know, though, is I wore the Lululemon charcoal wunder unders and the waistband rolled the entire time. I guess I can only wear them when I am upright. When is that? Oh, on the boring elliptical.  Plus, the inner thigh is really pilled. I think I have worn them maybe 5 or 6 times. Well, it might be another pair of Lululemon clothing that is being "donated" to my daughter. (I just gave her the astro shorts. Lucky daughter!) 

Tomorrow is killer tabata. I haven't been in about a month, because of vacation and college, so I totally expect to die. Of course, I feel that way anyway! 

A woman in front of me today was using the Lululemon The Mat and she said she loved it and never slips. Is it worth the investment? Does lugging it to class count as a workout since it weighs a lot! I have  the Unmat, I think, and I throw it down for ab work or chest during Power. It is pretty thin and really doesn't provide a lot of cushioning. The only reason I like it is because it is full of MY sweat. I used that today on top of a cushy mat that the gym provided and it worked fine. Something to think about. I like to have things to think about. Anyway, here are the latest photos. With the Fast Track Tank, which I am debating about buying more of since it is on WMTM, but the colors don't really do it for me. At least right now, they don't do it for me. Maybe later!