Friday, September 13, 2013

No Lululemon bra issues today!

No need to feel like a pretzel getting out of a sweaty bra today because I solved that problem by wearing the Fast Track Tank to hot yoga today. And yes, it got hot. I think primarily because there were so many bodies crammed into a little room. That's okay. And crow pose, one day you will be mine. Eagle pose (is that the one with arms all twisted?) reminds me a little of struggling to get out of a sweaty, sticky bra. I feel good, and my back feels a little looser. My hips, well that is a different story.

I got the ruffled forme jacket and it is hard to see in these pictures because there is so much black on black. The arms are very long, but it is fitted and tight like a define. I think I am going to keep it. I love the hint on the collar. Basically, it is black and that is fine for me. I just have to decide if it looks good on!

After class I shot over to the Lululemon store to return the awful Astro shorts and the 105 singlet in size 6. The "educator" didn't even know what that tank was. Huh? They also made a point of telling every customer that "the return policy is 2 weeks" and asking if "are we familiar with the washing instructions." Don't say we didn't warn you, right? Anyway, I tried on wunder under crops that I think were a ziggy pattern. I just wanted to see what my legs loooked like and if I could get away with it. The answer was yes, maybe, but they were see through, so the point was moot. The material was super soft and the fit was fabulous, but I couldn't bend over in them. Unfortunately, you can't tell from these pictures.

I did end up with the groove pants that I love. Of course they need to be hemmed, but that's okay because I don't plan on wearing them for a while. My old ones are very old and might not even look black! While they are not the fabric that I was hoping for, I think it is as good as it gets. I actually came from the gym and was wearing my old groove crops, so I could feel the difference. These new ones just don't have the same compression.

I also got the ruffled CRB. It fits very long and I don't particularly care for the cut in the front, but I liked it. I got my usual 8, but think a 6 might have worked better because there is some room around the waist. It also feels long. I might end up ordering it online. They were just unpacking them and selling them right away. I also picked up the manifesto tee in white. I was hoping to see the skirt in person and the CRB in ziggy. One of the women working there was wearing the CYB and it looked fabulous on her, but it dips too low in the back for me. She also tried the Ebb to Street tank and I heard her say it was the most comfortable thing ever. It looked like it was very clingy, so that was an easy pass for me. The full tilt in hyper stripe looked absolutely stunning, and if I thought there was a chance I would be running, I would have tried it. That's it! Looking forward to Tuesday already!