Thursday, May 30, 2013

Well I am certainly on a streak lately. The good kind, too.

Last night for dinner I made Turkey Clubhouse burgers from  (lots of good recipes here- check it out) and both my kids liked it.  Ground turkey with panko, bbq sauce, cheese, and bacon- how could it not be fabulous? Well, you would think I have little children who are so picky, but one child doesn't really eat meat, the other could inhale a cow. One loves veggies, the other cringes when something green appears on the plate. One eats peanut butter straight out of the jar, the other can't stand the taste (how this child is related to me,  I have no idea). So when both give a thumbs up, I do my happy dance. Plus, it was really super easy. I cooked the bacon the night before and then I think it took 5 minutes to get the ingredients together and no time at all on the grill. Our side was from Alexia. There are so many yummy frozen foods from this company, that I usually have 3 or 4 in my freezer at any given time. Our favorites are breaded mozzarella sticks, sweet potato fries and onion rings. I don't know if they are a national company, but we definitely recommend them. The calories and ingredients aren't too terrible.

Today, I am too tired to cook, forget about even running. It is about 90 degrees here (I had the heat on just a few days ago) and I worked a very long day and spent too much time outside. The underwear that we aren't talking about yet is sticking. So, I don't even want to think about cooking. Some of my emergency dinners are: waffles for dinner and baked ravioli. Usually I have something tucked away in the freezer for exactly this kind of emergency.  My favorite back up plan, though, is pizza from our neighborhood pizza place, Sorrentos. We could seriously eat there every day and never get sick of it. I get an Acton pizza, which is carmelized onions, chicken, bbq sauce, cheese and chicken on a thin crust from a brick oven. If it didn't involve getting back into a hot car, it would be an option tonight. Oh well.

I was looking on Pinterest and found this hysterical picture. This is so true!


Plank is so much fun. For about 10 seconds. Said no one ever. Actually, I don't mind plank as long as my arms and shoulders aren't already burnt out. Then it becomes torture.  Try sticking a rubber ball or something else between your legs and squeeze and all the focus comes off your legs and back to your abs. I like doing that much more than lifting a leg or arm. 

Let me know some of your favorite easy to throw together meals.