Wednesday, May 29, 2013

So a funny thing happened at the gym today. Well, not funny haha, but the other kindof funny. I have a very loud, very bright pair of Asics running shoes that I love: gel noosa tri 7. I was fitted for these at one of those fancy running stores. My kids won't walk with me they think they are so ugly. So I told them that when they can run next to me, then they can give me grief about the shoes. They have been quiet.

What I really love about these sneakers is that the front is all mesh, so my feet can breathe. Also, I have very wide feet and there is plenty of room for my toes. I can stick my orthotics in there and the top of my foot doesn't get smushed against the top of the sneaker. I like a lot of cushioning too. I admit that the minimal Vibram stuff confuses me. And did I mention that they glow in the dark?( It kindof scared me the first time I noticed that.) Anyway, getting to the funny part...all the other moms and I looked down at our feet and we were all wearing Asics. Another mom said that Asics is the new mom jeans. Is that true? When did that happen? So I have a big fear that these perfect for me shoes will be discontinued. (This happened to me with a pair of Reebok sneakers that I LOVED) so I just bought another pair. I do feel that everyone at my gym wears Lululemon and I must admit that I like to see what everyone wears, but I guess I have to start looking down now, too.  I think there are a lot of Nike Free sneakers. Maybe next time I'm stuck on the treadmill bored out of my mind, I'll keep track. What's popular in your neck of the woods? or road? or gym?  Next post on my favorite socks!!!