Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hello and Welcome!

The title of this blog is Too Tired To Run, but really, this is a blog about a lot of things that I love- exercise, reading, raising two teenagers, what's for dinner, too much time spent in Lululemon, teaching, decorating my house, Bobbi Brown makeup. So you can see why I might be tired! I think everyone I know is tired.

A little about me...I live outside Boston. I have one son going off to college in August and a daughter having a driver's lesson right now (hence the not sleeping part). I teach preschool. I have two ragdoll cats (the other reason why I don't sleep- they like to snuggle). I'm divorced. I love to exercise...really! I try to eat healthy every day. I love lipstick.

Anyway, today is my day off and of course I couldn't sleep even though my alarm wasn't set. My body just knows to get up at 6:15. Only a month left of school!  It will probably take me a month to break this habit. I went to my gym and worked out in a small group using weights. My trainer killed me. My favorite (in a hateful kindof way) exercise that she had me do was doing the leg press machine, with a lot of weight on it, but squeezing a ball in between my legs the entire time. This totally destroyed my quads. And then burpees. Arghhh.


After the gym, I hit the food store and Rite Aid. I can't believe I just spent $4.99 for a card! When did that happen? Actually, we have a very fun tradition in my house with my parents. After we ooh and aah all over the card, we give it back so it can be reused the following year. It is fun to see how long we can keep it going. We failed this year, my mom can't find her card. Oh well! I don't know about you, but I have to read EVERY card in the store before finding the "perfect" one.

Came home and had to make birthday brownies. My coworker is going on vacation and she is doing weight watchers, so I cooked a version of south beach brownies for her birthday. I got this recipe off of Pinterest (love) from Squirrel Bakes. I'm dying to see how it tastes, but I can't cut into it until tomorrow! It was strange, no flour, I used Spenda for baking, and pureed black beans. I hope it tastes good. Will let you know how it tastes and if it passes the 5 year old test!

Then I made tonight's dinner (yes, I did that at 2 pm). Tonights dinner is a recipe from Emily Bites. It's called Southwestern Egg rolls and it is totally delicious. It is like the southwestern egg rolls that you can get at Chillis. Has spinach (really), beans, corn, cheese and egg rolls, so what's not to love.  Anyway, it can be made in advance and BOTH my kids really like it. Really like it! Serve it up with some salad and we are good to go. I'm also trying to figure out dinner for tomorrow since I work and then have to go back at night, so there won't be too much time to throw something together. I think I am going to try a new recipe called Clubhouse Turkey Burgers, by Iowa Girl Eats. It involves bacon, which I don't usually cook, so I know my son will like it. I think I will cook up the bacon now. I saw an easy peasy way to cook bacon on Pinterest, which involved putting it in a cold oven and turning it up to 400 and cooking for 20 minutes. I feel stupid if everyone knows this. Usually, I try to plan out or meals for the week in advance and on my day off, I spend a lot of time prepping and planning. So many activities are scheduled at dinner, or right after dinner and if I wait until I get home, I am too hungry and you guessed it Too Tired!